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Mediation Services Generally.
Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where the parties attempt to resolve their differences and come to an agreement through an intermediary known as a mediator. Mediation has several potential advantages over litigation including a quicker, cheaper and more mutually agreeable resolution of the dispute. Mediation is limited however in its application as it cannot bind the parties absent the parties' agreement. While mediation can potentially be used in a broad scope of disputes our firm is primarily focused on family law and residential mortgage foreclosure matters.
Family Law Mediation.
The resolution of family law disputes through meditation is usually extremely beneficial to the families involved. Mediation allows the family to craft its own solution to disputes after considering all relevant aspects of the pending issue. Issues such as child parenting, support, and visitation are frequently ripe for mediation resolution. Our firm is committed to utilizing mediation in family law matters to minimize the impact on the subject family and ensure a more cooperative environment for family success.
Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation.
Residential mortgage foreclosure mediation is valuable as it provides as environment where the parties may have meaningful exchange with each other so both may understand the options available to them. Our office provides such services though one of the Miami-Dade County residential mortgage foreclosure mediation mediators, Oasis Mediation Services.
If you are your family are in need of either Family Law or Residential Mortgage Foreclosure mediation services please contact our office.

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